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Why Choose Brian Gerwels Carpet cleaning?

What Others Are Saying

“Brian, you attacked the problem professionally, explaining your special spotting and suction system. I was very Pleased. Only after you were done and the carpet dried did we know for sure the results. Yeah! It was Wonderful. Not only did you conquer the heavy traffic darkened areas, but in the urine areas, “No bleed back!” I would recommend your carpet cleaning skills to anyone, Especially to someone with pets! Thanks!”
“Thank you so much for all your hard work. That brown carpet never looked better. A miracle!”
- Mom
“And I can vouch for Brian...his machine took out stains another professional was unable to do! Very happy with Brian's service and will definitely hire him again!!! “
- Anne
“Brian did an amazing job!”
– Crystal

Powerful equipment

People spend hundreds of dollars on low powered equipment in order to clean their carpets themselves. Consider one example, a Rug Doctor has one vacuum motor, a 28 psi pressure pump, and no heat. My machine has two three stage vacuum motors, a 500 psi pressure pump, and a 1600 watt heater. For heavy soiled carpets, I also have a Rotovac 360i, which is capable of doing twelve cleaning passes per second! This is cleaning power you're not going to find from an amateur machine.

8 Step Cleaning Process

Powerful equipment only goes so far if you don't have a good cleaning process. I use an 8-step cleaning process developed from industry standards to maximize soil removal. I include the following steps in my 8-step cleaning process: pre-inspection, preparation, pre-vacuuming, pre-spray, agitation, extraction, drying, post-grooming and clean up. Let's look at these 8-steps to see why they are so important:
1. Pre-inspection – this allows me to determine the best strategy to remove the dirt, spots, and stains from your carpet. It will allow us to discuss any spots or stains that may require extra treatment.
2. Preparation – During the preparation stage, I set up my equipment, but I 'm doing more than that, I'm taking steps to protect your home. I'm going to place corner guards by your walls to protect your walls and woodwork so that aren't scratched with my hoses.
3. Pre-vacuuming - Some dirt actually is easier to remove when it is dry. Have you ever noticed how pet hair and sand actually stick to the carpet more when it is wet? You should already be vacuuming on a regular basis. I'm going to pre-vacuum your carpet with a high end vacuum cleaner with a hospital grade filter. The filter helps prevent the dust from being blown back into your house.
4. Pre-spray – when I clean, I first spray the detergent on your carpet. This gives the detergent time to work. When I use my extractor, I'm actually rinsing the carpet and extracting the dirt. This leaves your carpet free of detergent residue which can contribute to re-soiling.
5. Agitation of heavily soiled area. I use a carpet rake to brush the detergent into the carpet. This helps spread the detergent over the carpet fibers and loosen the dirt.
6. Extraction – During this step, I rinse and extract the dirt out of your carpet.
7. Drying – Finally, I place air movers throughout your house to speed up the drying process.
8. Grooming and Clean up. This is the final step. On cut-pile carpets I groom them with a carpet rake to remove cleaning lines.. I place foam blocks or plastic tabs under furniture that is placed on wet carpet. I wipe down hard surfaces that may have been gotten wet from over spray. Finally, I clean my equipment so that it's ready for the next job.

Skill and knowledge

Powerful equipment is only one part of having a quality carpet cleaning. Knowledge and skill are a huge part of a high quality cleaning. I was personally trained by two experienced carpet cleaning professionals. I'm in regular contact with other professionals around the world to better my knowledge of the craft. I also continue to engage in training under different forms to better my skills.
I have extensive knowledge in spot and stain removal. I know how to remove wax, fingernail polish, paint, red fruit drink, urine, red wine, grape juice, and a bunch of others you probably never thought of. In spot and stain removal, knowledge is crucial. Different spots respond to different treatments because of the chemistry involved. It's not just about having the strongest spot cleaner, it's about knowing which cleaner and method works the best on which spot. Some professional cleaning products can actually damage your carpet if improperly used. So it's important to have someone with the proper skills and knowledge do the work.

I Care for your home.

I believe in following the golden rule. I try to teat your home as I would want mine to be treated. I put in place corner guards to prevent my hoses from scratching your walls and wood work. Any furniture I move with wood or metal feet is placed on foam blocks or plastic tabs when it is put back on a wet carpet. This helps protect your carpet and your furniture. When wood furniture is placed on wet carpet, sometimes the wood stain can leach onto the carpet leaving a stain that is very difficult to remove. When metal furniture is placed on a wet carpet the metal can rust damaging the furniture and leaving a rust spot on the carpet. I also take the time to wipe off over-spray from hard surfaces.

I Got Your Back

Save yourself the worry of having your freshly cleaned carpet get dirty with my Got Your Back Guarantee. If you purchase either my Gold or Platinum package, you'll receive my Got Your back Guarantee. For thirty days you can have me come back for free and touch up any areas that may need re-cleaning. Think about it, now you can have me clean before a party so it's nice and clean for your guests and if they make a mess, you can have it re-cleaned for yourself. I know of no one else in the area offering that kind of deal.
Own and Operated by Brian Gerwels
I'm the owner of this business. When you call me, I'm not going to send a minimum wage employee to take care of your house. I'm going personally come over and do the job right. You even have my personal cell phone number (listed at the top of the page) so you can call me if you have any questions or concerns.

Great Value

When you take into account the equipment, knowledge, and labor, my prices aren't that much more then doing it yourself. Renting a machine may be a cheaper option, but it isn't as good of a value. After you pay for the equipment rental fee, you also need to pay for the detergent and the various spot cleaners they sell you. When all is said and done you're looking at paying around $50. That's just for the price of the machine and the cleaning products. How much is your time worth? When renting a machine, you have to drive down to the store, wait in line, take it home, clean your house and take it back. Suppose the whole process takes 3 hours. How much is three hours of your time worth? Are you worth $10 / hour? $20? Let's say your time is worth $20 an hour. Now, you've spent $50 for the machine and chemicals, and $60 in your time. That's $110! My minimum price is only $100. So it may actually be costing you more to do it yourself and all you got was a cleaning with a low powered machine.

Have Special Needs?

Sometimes customers have special needs that require just a little extra care on my part. Sometimes customers cannot be there on the day of the cleaning. This may require a few extra things like setting the alarm when I leave, or letting the dog out of his confinement. Sometimes customers have more serious concerns with allergies or chemical sensitivities. While I'm not a Doctor, I'd be glade to work with you to make sure nothing in my process will trigger a reaction. Whatever the need, please feel free to ask, I'm more than happy to take a few extra steps to ensure a satisfied customer.

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